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What is a restaurant POS system?

A restaurant POS system is a comprehensive software which simplifies a restaurant’s operations by automating them. Suitable for all types and sizes of F&B businesses like restaurants, cafes, bakeries, quick service restaurants, bars, fast food chains, lounges, night clubs and even restaurant chains; a restaurant software plays a major role in growing their business, increasing efficiency and imparting a better customer experience.

What makes our restaurant POS a choice of many?

Because we have an entire package of restaurant system which helps your business to grow, regardless of your type and size. If you own a hotel or a F&B business, you need this restaurant POS software to organize your operations. Find our restaurant management system features below and get started to establish a successful business.

The Complete Order Management

The most important part of a restaurant business is taking and handling orders effectively. That’s why eZee Optimus restaurant POS software is developed keeping in mind the requirements of managing everything of restaurant orders.

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Restaurant Order Management

Manage your dine-in and take away orders from the restaurant management software, along with room service orders if you’re a hotel’s in-house restaurant.

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Restaurant Order Taking App

The waiter app simplifies your order dine-in and takeaway orders in online and offline modes. Synced with the restaurant POS, it works on your Android and iOS mobiles.

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Online Ordering Integration

The POS system for restaurants syncs your orders from Zomato, Swiggy, Foodpanda and UberEats; and helps you manage them from a single dashboard.

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Home Delivery Management

The online restaurant POS system handles your restaurant delivery management. Assign orders to drivers, track their status and more from the restaurant software.

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Restaurant Front Office Management

No POS for restaurants is complete if it can’t handle and streamline the basic front office operations. eZee Optimus restaurant management system organizes every little thing of your business, so that you get a chance to focus on your customers and grow your business.

Menu Management

The cloud restaurant POS allows you to set up as many menus as you’d like; seasonal, periodic, and happy hour sessions. It even makes the menu pricing effortless.

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Restaurant Tablet POS

Run your restaurant from eZee Optimus restaurant POS app. Perform all operations and monitor floor activities while on the move using Android POS System.

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Suitable for Restaurant Chains

The online restaurant POS is a PRO in restaurant chain management. It takes care of daily monitoring, orders, reports and everything else from your location.

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Customer Engagement

The restaurant management software saves your customer details and lets you engage with them through SMSes and emails for order status and promotions.

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Back Office & Inventory Management

While it’s one thing to handle your front office operations, taking care of your back office is a whole new shebang. eZee Optimus restaurant back office software ensures the accuracy and speed you need with your back office operations.

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Inventory & Stock Management

The restaurant inventory management software tracks real-time inventory usage. It lets you set up stock threshold & item recipes; thus helping you in theft control.

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Cashier Shift Management

No matter if you’re a 24-hour eatery, or are operating for particular days or hours; the restaurant point of sale system handles all your staff shifts without a hitch.

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Billing and Payments

eZee Optimus turns into a restaurant billing software to make billing easier. Moreover, you can provide multiple payment modes to customers with the iPad POS system.

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Pre-defined & Custom Reports

Besides providing pre-defined reports like restaurant daily sales report and others, the system lets you generate custom reports by selecting the fields and layout as you need.

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What restaurants love about eZee Optimus?

This is what I was looking for a Hospitality Software !!

It is worth the money we spend on it! Easy and 24/7 help support available. Easy to use, training and support on fingertips. They develop lot of reports based on the user preference. For me they did Maldives Tax report, Occupancy report and is developing green tax automation! Liabilities (Such as Taxes) are easy to track in different reports.

Ali A. Manager of Six In One Private Limited, Maldives

Just awesome POS

Easy to use. User friendly interface. Billing system reduces time consumption. Features like dine-in, walk-away, room service and so on makes the software very worthy. Reduced time consumption. Record for transaction is safe and saved.

Javid B. Pink House and Cafe Detour, India

eZee Optimus suits most of our POS requirements which are bit complicated

Ease of operation from the user perspective level is quite simple & good. Their support is excellent and instantaneous. Being cloud-based application, it helps us to log in from anywhere to monitor reports. Can capture accurate sales figures from outlets and monitor them from anywhere.

Ramesh G. Ivory Sands Projects LLP, India

Smooth journey

It is the best restaurant POS software in India. Ease of use. Person with basic computer knowledge can also operate this very efficiently. I can access it from anywhere to check how my restaurant is doing. Don't have to call managers for details. Just login once and everything is in front of you.

Prateek J. Gezellig Inn Group of Hotels, India

I had an awesome experience with eZee Optimus

I’ve yet to come across the smoother and simpler system in the market. All the functions available at the single point made it easier for me to handle my restaurant.

Paul Howard The Gourmet Restaurant, USA

The restaurant software has even better benefits

Accessible on Android, iOS & Windows Tablets

Anytime, Anywhere Access
No Downtime
No Hardware Hassles
Secured with HTTPS

Integrations that optimize your business

Many POS system for restaurants might streamline everything that a F&B business demands. However, often you’d need the help of third-party integrations to take your restaurant management up a notch. eZee Optimus restaurant POS system comes with several direct and third-party integrations to strengthen your business.

Hotel Management System

The restaurant POS system is seamlessly integrated with eZee Absolute hotel management system to help you manage your room service orders without any trouble. We’re also open to integrate with any third-party hotel software if the need arises.

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Restaurant Loyalty Software

Your unique restaurant reward programs help you increase repeat customers and revenue. The restaurant management system integrated with eZee iLoyalty restaurant loyalty program software lets you set up and run those smoothly.

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500+ Third-party Integrations

The online restaurant system is integrated with several third-party hardware and software, such as financial accounting software, printers, payment gateways, SMS gateways, to improve your restaurant management.

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FAQs: We’ve answered some of your common questions.

  • Why do I need a POS system for restaurant?

    You need a restaurant point of sale (POS) software to automate all the operations of your restaurant. It is a software that performs operations such as taking orders, managing multiple menus, payments, inventory generating, settling bills, and keeping track of guests’ details. Without such a technology, it is very challenging for the restaurateurs to handle all the operations manually.

  • What are the benefits of restaurant management system?

    The cloud-based restaurant POS simplifies all the basic to advanced operations of the restaurant. It benefits you in the following ways:

    • Increases your restaurant efficiency
    • Makes your operations fast
    • Gives you detailed insights into your restaurant performance
    • You can manage your restaurant on-the-go
    • Saves you from inventory theft, wastage, or shortage
    • Increases your guest engagement
    • Introduces accuracy
    • Saves your expenses
    • Assists you to deliver an excellent customer experience.

    Besides this, there are many other benefits that a restaurant POS system entails. You can explore them here.

  • How much does an online restaurant management software cost?

    The cost of this restaurant POS is based on the number of outlets. It is further classified with or without inventory and stock management module. We also offer special price for hotel restaurants.

    You can refer to the detailed pricing of the software from here.

  • Which different size and types of businesses does this restaurant point of sale software cater to?

    eZee Optimus is a complete F&B POS system that is suitable for any size and type of restaurants or chain of restaurants. It fits perfectly for the fine-dine restaurants, bars, pubs, nightclubs, cafes, coffee shops, hotel restaurants, and quick service restaurants (QSRs).

  • Can I manage my orders from Zomato, Swiggy and other such portals directly from the system?

    Yes, you can. eZee Optimus is integrated with online food delivery portals like Zomato, FoodPanda, Swiggy, and UberEats. You’ll get your online orders from these portals directly integrated in the system. So you can manage all the orders from one place. You can explore more about from here.

  • Can I manage all the operations of my restaurant on-the-go?

    Yes. This online restaurant management system comes with an online and offline order taking app- Rapidserve. You can take orders, pass them to kitchen, print the KOT, generate and settle receipts on-the-go with this app. You can download it from here:

    Download on the Google Play Download on the App Store

If you don't find your question here, please get back to us.