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A Bar POS System

That lets you deliver orders faster than you get

  • Take quick orders
  • Manage inventory
  • Sell on-demand drinks
  • Handle guest payments
Bar POS system

What is a bar POS system?

A bar POS system is an application that processes and controls the operations of a bar. Since the functioning of a nightclub, pub and brewery is quite similar to that of a bar, the point of sale systems for bars fit them as well to manage operations. The bar POS automates order taking, transaction processing through debit or credit cards, selling of on-demand drinks like cocktails and mocktails, and inventory management along with other regular operations.

Bar POS system

How will you benefit from our bar POS system?

The first and foremost thing a bar needs is a quick software which meets its pace. Our bar management system is fast in performing and managing your operations around your day-to-day transactions, such that you can handle your crowds without a hitch. Here are some great benefits your bar, nightclub or pub will be able to grab using our bar point of sale.

You get fully organized and faster operations

Embraced by numerous bars and pubs worldwide, eZee Optimus is the best bar POS you’ll ever come across in the market. Including everything that you may need to serve your customers faster at your bar, the system will ensure that your business performance goes up in the charts. Find your simplest to most complex operations getting sorted with our bar management software which is also equally beneficial as a nightclub management software and a pub POS.

Set up flexible menus

Set up flexible menus

Switch between menus as quickly as your bar gets filled. The bar POS lets you configure as many menus however you like.

Manage on-demand orders

Manage on-demand orders

Your customers order cocktails or custom drinks not in your menu? Our bar point of sale lets you manage those sales while you serve them.

Take orders on-the-go

Take orders on-the-go

Want to take quicker orders? Reach your customers to take their orders on your smartphones using our order taking app.

Prompt and precise billing

Prompt and precise billing

Besides ordering, our bar point of sale software organizes your billing operations viz. generating guest checks or receipts & settling orders.

Track your inventory usage

Track your inventory usage

Your bar’s inventory management becomes completely systematic. You get a real-time count on inventory and stock usage based on the sales.

Run your bar from anywhere

Run your bar from anywhere

eZee Optimus operates perfectly in all size of tablets, desktops and mobile devices. So, manage your business from wherever you are.

Give your business what it needs

Faster services with the best bar POS system

You get to deliver a great customer experience

When you’re running a business, customer experience becomes as important as handling the operations. The POS for nightclubs not only takes care of your business operations, but also ensures that you impart an amazing customer experience by offering a great set of features.

Maintain customer history

Maintain customer history

Save your customer details in the bar point of sale system. Use the system to engage with them frequently through SMS and emails. Besides this, you can also send them various notifications and alerts from the system.

Accept payments in multiple ways

Accept payments in multiple ways

We know you receive customers who have versatile payment preferences. Keeping that in mind, the pub POS system helps you to accept payments via credit cards, debit cards, cash, in their preferred currency and even lets you record the tips your bartenders earn.

Group or individual: Manage table orders

Group or individual: Manage table orders

Got tables at your bar? The bar POS lets you take seat-wise orders on those tables as well as group orders conveniently. Because of that, you can deliver the right orders to your customers without any delays.

Our POS software for bars, pubs and nightclubs is used by numerous businesses globally

Your business performance and security is ensured

When everything else of your business is handled so smoothly, you cannot afford to overlook any aspect. eZee Optimus helps you focus on each and every factor of bar management including business performance and data security.

Reports that you need

Reports that you need

Get insights on your performance from the bar management software. It even lets you create your own custom reports.

Accurate bar audits

Accurate bar audits

Perform your bar’s day close (audit) in quick steps and get your day’s overview from our POS system for bars, nightclubs and pubs.

Limit user access

Limit user access

Grant privileges of the bar software’s operations to your staff as per their roles. So, your important data remains secure.

Bars love eZee Optimus. Here’s why.

Best software

I have never come across a better POS system for pubs. The product is great. The service is even greater. Thanks a lot eZee!


Mark Jacob, Owner of The Timeline Pub, Jordan

Simply amazing

Inventory management is one of the most important things we need. And eZee Optimus fulfils it beautifully. It is one of the best features it has.


Mary Jane, Manager at Julio’s Bar, Ibiza

Great system

Words are not enough to share how eZee has simplified our operations. I travel constantly, but with this best POS system for bar, I no more have to worry how my bar is doing back home. So convenient. Thanks a lot eZee.


Victor Hugh, Founder of Happy Hours, New York

Easiest bar restaurant software I have ever used

The service is one of the best I have ever come across. Most of the companies I came across have made a sale and gotten lost whenever I needed help. But it is not the case with eZee. They ensure that we’re using the software in the best way possible. What more do you need.


Austin D’Mello, Owner of The 24x7 Bar, India

A pleasing experience with eZee

It has been a pleasing experience with eZee’s nightclub POS software. I’ve been using this software for a while and it has helped us to simplify our all our operations. Thanks for your all time support!


Joseph Martin, Owner of Club Mexicola, Mexico

Here are the answers to some confusing questions:

  • How to get started with this bar POS system?

    You can take a 14-day free trial. In the mean-time, you can evaluate the system and see how it will work for you. After the trial period, you can contact us to use the system full-time.

  • How does the system handle the bar inventory?

    Most of the bars lose their revenues because of unmanaged inventory. You must be purchasing your inventory in litres, cans or cases. While you may serve them in a bottle, or as a mixed drink (with soda or water), cocktail, or as a pint, snifter, and carafe.

    In such a case, it becomes challenging to measure the total consumption and handle accurate inventory stock. Our bar software lets you deal with these multiple units easily. You can configure the purchase units and consumption unit and the system updates you with the accurate quantity of inventory items.

  • At a single point, how many users can work with the bar POS?

    As it is an online application, any number of users can use it. There is NO limit for the number of users.

  • Do I have to pay separately for the order taking app?

    No, it is absolutely FREE. When you purchase the bar software, you get the following apps for free:

    1. RapidServe: Order taking app
    2. Android tablet POS app

  • Are there any third-party integrations available with this bar point of sale?

    We provide a bar loyalty program software - eZee iLoyalty and if you are in-house bar (associated with a hotel), we also offer an online hotel management system - eZee Absolute. Apart from these software, it is integrated with third-party companies like online food delivery companies (Zomato, Swiggy, Foodpanda, and UberEats), financial accounting software, payment gateway, and SMS gateway. You can explore the third-party integrations from here.

  • Can I use this system when the internet connection is interrupted?

    Whenever the Internet connection is interrupted, the bar management system will work in the offline mode. You can still take the orders, pass them to the kitchen, and settle the receipts. When the connection is regained, the changes sync back in the system. Thus, even without the internet, your operations won’t get affected.

  • What is the cost of the system?

    You can refer to the pricing of this bar POS from here.

  • I have many bars at different locations. Can I use eZee Optimus to manage my chain of bars?

    Yes. With eZee Optimus bar POS system, you can easily manage your bar chain. You can configure the number of outlets and handle all the functioning centrally from one place.

  • Can this Bar POS system be used for nightclubs and pub as well?

    Yes, definitely this can be used as both nightclub POS and pub management software.

If you have any other questions than, please get back to us at any time.