Oversee Daily Operations of Your Restaurant Chain

With a Single Login, Regardless of Wherever You Are

Configure and Manage Outlets

Possessing and governing a chain of restaurants requires extensive efforts and is definitely a daunting task. eZee’s cloud POS system will let you set up your complete chain of outlets and take care of all of them, regardless of where they are located. Moreover, you’ll be able to govern all of the routine transactions without any interruptions.

One-stop Supervision

Not only assembling and controlling your chain of restaurants, but you will also be able to perform a thorough supervision of the activities going on there just from one-click in eZee Optimus. No multiple logins, no change in dashboard, and all your outlets’ information will be available on a single panel.

Regulate User Access

Apart from handling multiple outlets and maintaining their guest influx, eZee cloud POS gives you a chance to establish the user roles at all of your outlets simultaneously, oversee the operations they access and the tasks they perform, all in a single shot. Moreover, you will also be able to keep track of the daily reports and revenue generated at your outlets with an admin access.

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