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Simplify Your Billing and Routine Operations

With Ready-made Customized Templates In The System

Deal With Customized Templates

The best thing about owning a restaurant business in the hospitality industry, is that you can have your own customized folio and email templates to use as you need. With eZee Optimus’s feature of customized templates, you will be able to make use of the pre-made email and folio templates for your daily operations.

Billing Made Easy

A pre-configured set of useful templates for an eatery like yours, makes it easy for you to perform and finish your billing operations in a jiffy, without any disruptions. In a similar manner, this user-friendly templating system of eZee Optimus will quicken your daily billing transactions to a considerable extent, thereby letting you focus more on imparting the best experience to your guests.

Swift Printing Operations

Not just customized and ready made templates will assist you in rendering top-notch services to your guests, but also a complete process of billing and printing out your receipts as your guests require. eZee’s cloud POS system has operative and printer-ready templates enabling you to get aptly printed receipts on a single click.

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