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Getting Started

  • How can I start using eZee Optimus?
    You can begin by taking up the 14 days trial of the product. The trial is completely commitment free and does not include any setup costs or hidden charges. The trial covers free 24x7 support, all software upgrades as well as free training sessions. You can request a demo by going to Trial Page or schedule a one-to-one training session with us.
  • Can I use eZee Optimus in my local language?
    Yes, you can use eZee Optimus in your local language. We can provide the restaurant system in any custom language as per your requirement. However, the POS will work only in one language at a time. The default language will be English and the other will be the custom language you choose.
  • Can you give more details on how can we get started?
    Once you fill up the free trial or contact our sales team to know more about eZee Optimus, we'll get in touch with you and help you learn the in-depth features of the POS system.
  • Can I import my older system's data into eZee Optimus?
    Yes, you will be able to import your guest database and configuration data from your older system in eZee Optimus. However, we ask you to provide the data to be imported in a specific format, following which; we will be able to help you transfer your data from your current system to eZee Optimus.
  • How can eZee Optimus help with my business?
    With plenitude of features encompassing your daily and periodical aspects of restaurant management, and ideal for all types of restaurants, bistros, cafes, bars and even bakeries. eZee Optimus is designed to adapt to the needs of all aspects of restaurants in the hospitality industry. Also, we highly recommend that you select a stable internet connection rather than a high speed one to use the system without any troubles.
  • What other software do you provide apart from eZee Optimus?
    Besides the cloud POS, we also provide eZee iFeedback guest feedback system, eZee iMenu tablet-based digital restaurant menu and eZee BurrP! On-premise Restaurant POS software for restaurant management.

Product Evaluation

  • Can I evaluate eZee Optimus before buying?
    Yes, you can. We provide a free trial in which you can learn to use and work with the system. You can use it with a preconfigured database available with the trial or configure your own database. You can even get our free configuration service if you prefer, whereby you can operate your real-time operations with your live environment data during the trial period. We highly recommend using live environment database while evaluating the software. Get the free trial here.
  • How many days do I get to try the product?
    You get 14 days to try and evaluate the product. Although, you can always contact our sales team to confirm whether you will be able to extend your trial period or not.
  • After the trial period, I decide to purchase your services. Do I have to start again fresh? What happens to my data collected in trial period?
    No, you won't have to start again, and your data will also remain as it is. That's the benefit of cloud system. You will be able to continue working with your data as configured in the trial period once you purchase the services.

System requirements

  • Which software do I need to install to use eZee Optimus?
    eZee Optimus is a web based solution built with the help of SaaS Technology. It does not require high end hardware solutions but just requires good internet connection that is easily available worldwide. There is no need to install any software. All you need is 1) Web browser e.g. Google Chrome 2) Adobe Flash Player, and you're done.
  • What is the hardware requirement to use eZee Optimus?
    A normal computer that you use at your office or home and which could connect to internet will suffice the requirement. This helps restaurants to save their money from the investment in high end hardware. With this system, numerous restaurateurs like you can login and provide services to your guest, eventually saving your and your guest's time.
  • What about browser compatibility? Which browsers are supported?
    While the software is web based and is accessible from all major web browsers, we highly recommend using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari and Opera for best possible experience.
  • What kind of internet connection do I need to run eZee Optimus?
    It is recommended that you put forward the reliability and quality of your Internet connection rather than the speed. eZee Optimus restaurant software can run on connections as slow as 1 mbps, without any operational fluctuations. Not to forget that, having an alternate high speed connection from an another service provider can prove to be a good backup.
  • Can I use my own hardware?
    Absolutely! The cloud-based eZee Optimus requirements are as follows: Operating Systems like MAC, Linux, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 are supported, along with 2GB of RAM and 100MB of free hard drive space. Do contact our support team for any questions on printer configuration.

Safety and security

  • Where is my data stored? Is it safe?
    We have arranged heavy-duty, industry standard server and network architecture which ensures maximum uptime, Data Center security, other connections and firewalls. To prevent loss of data due to any unforeseen situation, this information is continually backed-up to secondary and tertiary systems hosted on Amazon's different servers located across the continents.
  • What happens if one or more of my sites running eZee Optimus face a virus problem or their systems crash?
    You need not worry at all, if your local machine gets infected by virus. Your data will be safe on cloud due to the powerful firewall and other security measures we take. You can always login from a different machine if required to access the system.
  • How do I restrict my employee to access my data from outside hotel premises?
    eZee Optimus has a provision to give access to a particular IP address, hence a user will not be allowed to access the system from another IP address. For that, he will have to request the admin to get the system access. In addition to this, the POS also has the usual profile based restrictions which work well with different users.


  • How does eZee Optimus ensure anytime, anywhere access?
    eZee Optimus is a cloud based system which runs on a secure server at multiple locations. Availing the benefits of this technology, the system will save your backup, along with a backup of your backup data on a server guarded with firewall and other protection measures. As a result, you will be able to access your restaurant POS system from anywhere at anytime without any loss of your data.
  • How do you take care of System Maintenance downtime?
    Our maintenance and system update process is scheduled after a detailed thought process. We inform our clients beforehand about the system maintenance, along with the expected downtime. The time and scheduling is done keeping in mind the amount of traffic and the usage statistics of our system that is collected from across different geographical locations where our system is used; hence, minimizing any probable inconvenience.

Support, Training and Implementation

  • What options are available for support?
    eZee offers various support options and can be reached through several platforms 24x7. Please visit our support assistance page for more details.
  • Can I get one on one personalized training during trial period?
    Yes, you can get personalized training from our support executives even in your trial period. You can follow this link to schedule a product training with us: Schedule Training
  • What options are available for personalized training/on-site training after I purchase?
    Online Training: Personalized training with a dedicated software trainer is available for free to you to help you with any questions or queries you may have and to provide an in-depth training of the system. You can schedule your training here.

    Onsite Training: We provide on-site training and implementation in most of the countries over the world. It is carried out either by our local partner in your region or by eZee Training team. However, the training and on-site implementation cost will incur some charges depending on the location and number of days required for the training. You can always contact us to know more or request for on-site implementation.

Sales and Pricing

  • Can I get to see a live demo of the product?
    Yes, you can get a live demo of the product by contacting our sales team.
  • How much does your software cost?
    To find the pricing as per your requirements please fill the Price Request form and our sales team will be happy to provide you the pricing structure as per your software prerequisites.
  • Is there any contract or any lock-in period?
    There are no contracts or commitments when you start using the services. eZee online POS being a recurring subscription software, does not require you to sign any such minimum period usage contracts.
  • Are there any installation charges to get started with eZee Optimus?
    You will be charged a nominal setup fee. Please contact our sales team for more information.
  • What will be your billing cycle?
    In case of cloud based solutions, eZee by default charges you on monthly, quarterly or yearly payment preferences.
  • What payment options are available?
    Since eZee Optimus is a cloud product, its service does not include any license fees or other hidden charges, instead we only charge subscription fees. For that, eZee provides various payment options like online credit card payment, bank transfer, Paypal, etc. Please contact our sales department for more information.
  • What is your refund policy?
    eZee offers a fully functional free 14 days trial version for you to evaluate the software. We even offer free implementation and training during the trial period. As we have a try before you buy it's approach, we do not offer a refund for our products.
  • Can I run eZee Optimus on my server (on my premise) or pay one time License fee?
    No. eZee Optimus runs exclusively on eZee’s secure server located in different continents around the world. However, if you want a POS system which can run on your server, you can check out our on-premise restaurant Management software eZee BurrP!.


  • Can you share more details on your integration with receipt printers and kitchen printers?
    All types of printers supported by your Operating System will work well with eZee Optimus. You will need eZee Optimus printer service to manage the integration.
  • Where can I find the eZee Optimus printer service?
    Please contact our support team to avail the printer service.
  • I am new to the business and technology. Can you suggest receipt printers compatible with eZee Optimus?
    We suggest that you EPSON receipt printers which are compatible with eZee Optimus. You can use any receipt printer which your operating system supports.
  • Which payment gateways are you integrated with?
    eZee Optimus is connected with several payment gateways like CyberSource, Zeamster and more. You can find the list here.
  • I have a hotel and I already use a PMS to manage my operations. Is it possible to use eZee Optimus together with my PMS for straightforward operations?
    Yes, we’re open to integrate eZee Optimus with third-party hotel PMS solutions. Let us know the name of your hotel PMS, share the API and we’ll take it ahead. Please contact our sales team to know more about this.
  • Which Financial Accounting software are you integrated with?
    eZee Optimus is connected with several financial accounting software like Tally, Quickbooks and more. You can find the list here.
  • How does integration with Financial Accounting software work?
    You need to install our integration application and we’ll set it up with your eZee Optimus account. Post that, your transactional data will be automatically posted in the accounting software.
  • How to display details in the local language on my invoice?
    We do have language pack available using which you can operate eZee Optimus in your own language. You can even customize the language as per your preference.


  • Can eZee Optimus work on my tablet?
    Yes, eZee Optimus is a tablet POS system and works fluently with your Android and iOS tablets.
  • Is there any limitations to the number of tablets in which I can use eZee Optimus?
    No, there are no limitations. You can use eZee Optimus in as many tablets you like.
  • Can I access eZee Optimus if my internet is down?
    No, since eZee Optimus is a cloud-based product, you can’t access it when your internet is down.

Chain of outlets

  • Can I manage my chain of outlets with eZee Optimus?
    Yes, you can manage your chain of outlets easily with eZee Optimus online restaurant POS.
  • Do I need separate login for each outlet?
    No, you don’t need a separate login for each outlet. You can switch to different outlets from one window.
  • Can I get consolidated report for all my outlets?
    Yes, eZee Optimus provides a separate as well as consolidated report of all your outlets to help you gauge your performance.