Take a Swing From One Order Type to Another

And Manage All Your Order Operations Automatically

Dine-in and Takeaway

Distinct modes of operations become easier to manage when you have a system to automate them and switch your functioning accordingly. eZee Optimus will let you do exactly that. No matter, your guest wants to dine-in or get a takeaway from your restaurant, the cloud POS will let you switch-over your order types depending on the guests coming in.

Course Based Dine-in Orders

Each operation at your eatery will demand something new now and again. And the only way to do that is to opt for a cloud POS which will give you scores of options to choose from. eZee’s cloud POS system will let you take dine-in orders as per the courses you define at your restaurant, making it easy for you to categorize the billing.

Optional Order Taking Measures

Occasionally, you may receive a troop of guests at your restaurant, who may demand for their order to be taken individually. Whereas, some may want to order their entrees for the whole table. At times like this, eZee Optimus gives you an option to take your dine-in orders in two ways. Either you take orders for the whole table, or individually for each guest seated on the table; the system will make it quick and smooth for you.

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