Taking In The Minutest Activities Of Menu Management

While Helping You Offer The Best Services To Your Guests

Arrange Multiple Menus

Regardless of the location of your restaurant, your guests will always come looking for variety of eccentric cuisines every time. eZee Optimus will help you devise separate menus for your restaurant as per the seasonal or periodical demands in your restaurant, and let you alter the menus in a jiffy.

Customize The Menu Items

Each item at your eatery may have different calculation units, prices, taxation policies and even modifiers of their own. With eZee’s cloud POS, you'll be able to customize your menu items as per the demands settling in at your restaurant, as well as deactivate them as their need goes down.

Activate and Deactivate Items

Owing to the extensive menu that you carry at your eatery, it becomes complicated to remember the items included in the menu and the categories that the items belong to. eZee Optimus will let you form a complete one-to-one mapping of your menu items and make it easy for you to activate or deactivate menus and items as per your requirements.

Item Rate Management

As the scope of your restaurant and menu increases, so does the importance of its complete rate management. eZee Optimus will let you administer and control the rates you levy for your menu items, depending on the order type. Using this, you will be able to charge separate rates in dine-in and take-away, thereby differentiating it through the services you render.

Flexible Menu Item Availability

Every so often, you may need to keep a check on which item at your restaurant is more in demand and on which days of the week. And in the same lines, you might need to manage it's availability on your menu for each weekday. The Cloud POS will let you set availability of the menu items on particular days or time as per the rising demands at your restaurant.

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