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The cloud POS system makes it that simple


One thing is for sure. Your dine-in orders become extremely easy to handle with eZee Optimus; no matter whether you’re taking seat-wise orders, or for the whole table. Besides, you can take course-wise orders, however your customers prefer.


Now dine-in is sorted. But what about takeaway? You know it needs your equal focus and efforts. The restaurant order management system ensures that your takeaway orders are streamlined, while not making your customers wait for long.

Room service and more

Running a restaurant along with a hotel is a whole other business. Well, eZee Optimus hotel POS doesn’t just supervise dine-in and takeaway orders, but also helps you handle room service orders for your in-house guests.

Complimentary orders

Often, you give out few menu items for free to your guests. Either it’s for goodwill, or because he’s a regular customer, or some other reason altogether. Your complimentary orders are managed hands down with the cloud POS system.

Unit-wise orders

Some items in your menu are available in specific quantities only. Well, mostly beverages and stuff. So you define units for those items. The restaurant management software takes care of such unit-wise orders for you.

Session-wise orders

Fast food chains and even restaurants these days keep happy hours to attract more customers. You get to run such sessions and take orders accordingly; whether dine-in or takeaway using eZee Optimus.

Hold and fire items

Obviously, you wouldn’t want to send orders to the kitchen without your guests’ confirmation. This feature of the online restaurant POS system lets you keep the ordered items on hold till the guest confirms, and fire it to the kitchen once done.

Assign servers

Don’t leave any chance to provide remarkable service to your guests by being attentive to their needs. The cloud POS system even assists you in assigning servers instantly to an occupied table, leaving no chance for your guests to complain.

Transfer orders

The most common occurrence in restaurant table management is the change of tables on guest demand every now and then. eZee Optimus lets you transfer order ownership from one waiter and table to another in a moment.

Table notifications

While managing high frequency of customers every hour, eZee Optimus keeps you updated on table notifications, whether it’s a birthday party, a business meeting or a coffee break. And you’ll be able to cater to your guests in that way.

Order preparation remarks

You may be getting a variety of special requests every other day. The online restaurant management system lets you mention preparation remarks as per the requests that the guests make, bringing in accuracy to your orders.

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