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Let Your Guests Enjoy Uninterrupted Services

As The Cloud POS Automates The A-Z Of Restaurant Operations

Assign Servers

The first step towards remarkable service is to be attentive and punctual to your guests and ensure that their requirements are met. Keeping that in mind, the cloud POS system will help you assign servers instantly to an occupied table, leaving no chance for your guest to complain.

Table Notifications

Periodic and accurate notifications are a must when you are taking care of high frequency of customers every hour. eZee Optimus will keep you updated on table notifications, indicating the type of guest visit at your restaurant. Whether it's for a birthday party, or for a business meeting or for a coffee break, you’ll be able to refer to these table notifications and cater to your guests accordingly.

Guest Remarks

The more guests you have coming in, the more demands they bring in. You may be getting in a variety of special requests every other day. And one thing which will help you be in pace with their appeals, are guest remarks. The Cloud POS will let you mention any special requests that your guests may have, such that your kitchen staff can stay up-to-date with such requests and prepare your guests’ orders accordingly.

Graphical and Fluent Layouts

Visuals and graphics have a charming way to explain any idea to the reader. And being a restaurant owner, it's vital for you to ensure systematic table arrangement at your place. On that account, eZee’s Cloud POS will give you a graphical layout of the tables, such that you’ll be able to visualize the seating of each guest and manage your servers and services subsequently.

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