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The best: Even the guest engagement is dealt with

Directly from the cloud restaurant software

Instant alerts at your fingertips

Well, after routine operations, the next most important facet of managing a restaurant is to improve guest experience. eZee Optimus helps you with this by sending you and your guests immediate alerts on order status, activities and more.

Guest details and preferences

Now it’s not just the run-of-the-mill details of your guests that the online restaurant POS system records. It also saves the preferences of your guests, so that you can serve them accordingly when they come back again.

Customized email and folio templates

The best thing about managing a restaurant business is that you can get your own customized templates to use. With eZee Optimus, those predefined email and folio templates make your everyday work easy, letting you promote your brand effectively.

Easy billing and printing

Because of those predefined folio templates, it becomes easy for you to finish your billing operations in a jiffy, without any disruptions. Besides, our cloud POS system has printer-ready templates enabling you to get aptly printed receipts on a single click.

Email marketing

Your restaurant’s marketing and promotion is equally important as other angles of your restaurant management. The email marketing feature of eZee Optimus helps you attract your guests via emails having special deals and discounts.

Custom language KOTs and vouchers

Because you welcome hoards of international and local guests each day at your eatery, or when you have a foreign chef employed, our restaurant software helps you be open to giving them vouchers and KOTs respectively in the language they understand.

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