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Pull the strings of your inventory and stock management

Sort out the jumbles of your inventories.

Recipe management

Recipe management

The key to precise inventory management is recipe management. With this restaurant POS, you can define the exact number of ingredients as per the recipe of your menu items. Following the same, the inventory management system smartly handles the stock levels.
Real-time inventory

Real-time inventory

The restaurant POS system automatically updates the stock level as per the utilization of different stock items and helps you to keep a track of inventories all along the time. Besides, you can manually update the stock levels.
Inventory units conversion

Inventory units conversion

Many of your inventory item’s purchase units, serving units as well as consumption units must be different. So you often find it difficult to track the precise number of such menu items. This restaurant POS handles the multiple units of each inventory item smartly.
Inventory Threshold

Inventory threshold

Set a minimum and maximum level for all your inventories. As soon as your inventories reach that threshold value, our restaurant POS alerts you. In that way, your store can never get understocked or overstocked. Nor will you ever run out of inventories.
Inventory Grouping and Sub-grouping

Inventory grouping and sub-grouping

Amidst your countless inventory items and intermediate items, it becomes difficult for you to keep a tab on all inventory items. With eZee Optimus, you can group all your inventory items into different categories and manage it to all the corners.
Purchase management

Purchase management

Either you follow the well-defined step by step purchase procedure, or you have the simplest process of purchasing your inventory items, this restaurant inventory management system streamlines your purchase process completely.
Inventory Reports

Inventory reports

Right from your opening and closing stock to the stock rates, from unit wise consumptions to locations of your inventory items, the inventory, and stock management system gives you all such required reports. Nothing gets out of your sight with all-inclusive reports.

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