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How our order taking app will be useful to your waiters?

The RapidServe app organizes your order taking in restaurant. It ensures that the dine-in and takeaway orders are delivered accurately through features like order taking, settlement, accept payments, print KOTs and receipts and such likes. It has a seamless integration with eZee Optimus online restaurant POS system and functions perfectly on your Android and iOS devices.

Online or offline, it works at all times

The RapidServe restaurant order taking app helps your waiters to take orders in online as well as offline mode. These orders get synced with eZee Optimus as soon as the app gets a stable internet connection. Moreover, none of your operations stop or get disturbed while switching the networks.

Online or offline, it works well in every way
Waiters get a 360-degree overview

Waiters get a 360-degree overview

Modifiers or special requests, this order taking app lets waiters note every order precisely and convey to the kitchen. So, deliveries get errorless. Also, it gives the live status of the dine-in area and order queue. Thus, waiters can perform the required action for each table. Plus, even the takeaways are handled accurately.

Order and menu operations become handy

Waiters can modify orders and menu items by adding, removing and altering the variables. They can cover order level discounts, extra charges and many other item operations. Besides, order operations like recall order, print KOTs, settle and split bills can be sorted.

Order and menu operations become handy
Printing provisions get easy

Printing provisions get easy

Along with enhancing your order operations, this restaurant order app for waiters allows your waiters to print receipts, orders, KOTs and other important provisions directly from their mobile devices. Which results in reducing their to and fro around your restaurant.

Your services become better

You eliminate the traditional pen n’ paper method and offer prompt deliveries. Additionally, your waiters get their entire agenda in their hands, which results in fewer errors and faster deliveries. Hence, you impart better guest services.

Your services become better

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orTry it free for 14 days


Here are the answers to some confusing questions:

  • Can I take a free trial of this app?

    Yes, by taking a free trial of eZee Optimus, you can try this app along with the restaurant POS system.

  • What kinds of restaurants can use this app?

    This restaurant order taking app for waiters can be used by every kind of F&B establishments, regardless of the size.

  • How many users can use this restaurant order taking app?

    RapidServe waiter app can be operated by unlimited users.

  • How can I log in to this app?

    To login to RapidServe restaurant order taking app, use your eZee Optimus credentials.
    If you want to enrol for eZee Optimus subscription, then contact us and get started today.

  • Does my work get disturbed while RapidServe syncs with eZee Optimus?

    None of your work gets disturbed while the restaurant order taking app syncs the data with eZee Optimus. You can keep working on your operations which the data can keep syncing in the background.

  • Do my operations get hindered when I switch from online to offline mode?

    No, none of your operations stop or get hindered while switching the networks from online to offline and vice versa. Even the invoice numbers remain in sync when you switch the network.

  • Can I record the tips with the settlements?

    Yes, you can easily take the account of tips received using this restaurant order taking app.

If you have any other questions than, please get back to us at any time.