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No hodgepodge remains from the jumble of shift management

All thanks to the online restaurant software

Manage the manifold of shifts

Of the number of staff you have at your place, you don’t need to fret much to manage their shifts. eZee Optimus online restaurant software aids you in restaurant shift management with unsurpassed accuracy and ease.

Track the cash-in and out

On account of the colossal amounts of revenue you earn everyday at your restaurant, it becomes tricky to keep an eye on the income and expenses during each shift. The online restaurant management system helps you do exactly that and more.

The right opening and closing balance

Restaurant shift management, or any shift management for that matter requires a set of protocol to be followed. One of them is to start and end the shift with accurate opening and closing balance. eZee Optimus makes you follow these protocols adeptly.

Those definite shift reports

Shift reports help you keep an eye on the happenings of each shift, and change your restaurant business growth strategies accordingly. Our cloud restaurant POS software generates your shift reports on a periodic basis.

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