Safeguard Your Confidential Information Without a Hitch

By Precisely Regulating User Access At Your Restaurant

Create User Roles

Not every staff member working at your restaurant can be assigned the same roles and responsibilities. Thence, a proper categorization of functions at your restaurant can help you secure your information most effectively. In that event, with eZee Optimus’s User Role feature, you will be able to create multiple user roles based on the responsibilities your team members fulfil at your restaurant.

Grant Privileges

Security forms the primary aspect of any business. And as many members you have at your restaurant, you can’t let everyone access the same reports and details that you or your top-level managers do. On that account, eZee Optimus will let you grant or revoke selected privileges to your configured user roles at your restaurant.

Track Activity Logs

When you’re owning or managing a restaurant, you ought to ensure that none of the updates or transaction at your place are unauthorized. The best way to do that is to track activities of each of the users accessing your restaurant’s operations. The cloud POS will give you a detailed summary through the activity logs present in the system.

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