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With Definite Reports and Thorough Analysis

Daily Reporting

Staying up-to-date with the daily proceedings at your restaurant is a must. One of the many ways to do that is to monitor your day-to-day reports and strategize for improvements from time to time. eZee Optimus’s daily reporting feature will help you keep a check on the routine occurrences at your eatery.

Statistical and Sales Reports

Reports are a surefire way to know which of your menu items are the preferred choice of your guests and eventually help you decide the pricing strategies and other plans to upscale your restaurant. The cloud POS system will breakdown each menu item’s sale over your selected period of time through the detailed Statistical and Sales reports.

Audit and Back-office Reports

Periodical availability of information related to orders and payments at your restaurant becomes imperative when you have a stack of strategies to think upon. The cloud POS’s audit and back-office reports will keep you updated with details of voided menu items, orders, payments, tax collected, discount applied and much more.

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