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Organize Modifiers

Modifiers are one of the many measures that a restaurant takes to offer a remarkable service to the guests. The more options you have, the higher the chances of your guest coming back to your restaurant. Through eZee’s cloud POS system, you’ll be able to forge and organize modifier items and connect them to relevant modifier groups.

Map To Menu Items

Each menu item at your restaurant has a predefined array of modifiers which can be used to enhance the order. So, once your modifiers are all set to be in use, mapping them to the corresponding menu items is the next big step. eZee Optimus will let you seamlessly tie in your menu items with modifiers, casting aside any manual setbacks.

Order Customization

The primary use of modifiers is to let your guests personalize their ordered entrees with their own choice of supplements or taste. Customize the orders you get at your restaurant by putting up the configured modifiers for your guests to make use of through the cloud POS system.

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